Discovering the Beauty Within & Personal Path Conversations

Astrology, Numerology, Oracle Guidance, Divination Dynamix and IN-Vizion®/Invision®

Do you want a better understanding of the “map of your life” or your life lessons?

Do you often feel pulled in different directions?

Have you ever wondered what “makes you – or someone else -tick”?

Would you like to understand more about the challenges and roadblocks along your life path?

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward?

Just as a pathfinder helps others find their way on the journey, Sharon has more than 40 years of experience studying and interpreting life maps, and will identify possible areas of difficulty or wounding. Together you can explore your depths and life’s often circuitous paths.
Sharon can help you understand your life map and life purpose as well as explore the IN-Vizion®/Invision® process or through Astrology (your destiny’s map) or Numerology.

Sharon also provides couples or relationship consultations and Synastry readings (chart comparisons). Don’t know your birth time? No worries! Sharon is highly skilled in Chart Rectification – when birth time is uncertain – a collaborative process using life events to reconstruct a working birth chart.

Coaching session packages or individual consultations are available by phone, Zoom, Skype or face to face appointment. Group Classes or rates available.

Heart/Relationship Dynamix:

Untitled10Do you constantly second-guess yourself?

Are you stuck in a revolving door relationship?

Are you struggling with a parent, child, sibling, spouse, partner, co-worker or friend?

Can you define what you truly need?

Together, we can explore the answers along with so many other aspects such as formative relationships, self-esteem, self-respect and forgiveness.

Wealth Energetix

Untitled9Does money burn a hole in your pocket?

Do you hate your dead end job?

Do you feel there’s never enough no matter what you do?

Do you think you don’t deserve happiness?

Together we can explore the answers, uncover your true needs, define “enough” and create a solid action plan.

Weight Release Energetix

Weight Release Energetix

Weight Release Energetix

Weight Release Energetix changes lives!!!  As Colette says, “it’s not about the cookies”!

Look at Sharon when she was 30+ pounds heavier in May, 2012.  After experiencing Weight Release Energetix herself and coaching clients through the program, she’s proof it works.  She literally lost 3+ dress sizes – and she’s ready and able to help you too.

Do you gain weight without changing eating habits?

Do you feel you are carrying the “weight of the world?”

Do you sense when the mood of a room shifts and head for a snack?

Colette Baron-Reid’s “Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much” was the basis for Weight Release coaching!   As you can see from the photos, Sharon looks like a different person in less than seven months and didn’t use a scale for many months!  Perhaps you too are ready to release that which you no longer need – including the weight of the world?

Sharon Lair October, 2012

Sharon Lair October, 2012

May 2012 Boston Colette Baron-Reid & Sharon Lair

May 2012 Boston Colette Baron-Reid & Sharon Lair

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