Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 2.12.27 PMDiscover the Beauty Within & Personal Path Conversations

Astrology Readings (conducted via Zoom link or Uber Conference) are approximately 60 Minutes and include a Recording

Astrology or Numerology (including natal, current influences and life lessons) Analysis and Consultation

60 Minute appointment     $150

Note: Discounts apply for Debra Silverman Applied Astrology Students

For combined reading (Numerology & Astrology)     $200

Astrology Chart Rectification (when Birth Time is unknown)

A multi-step collaborative process to determine Ascendant (Rising Sign)     $150
For Rectification and Astrology Readings Package     $200

Note: Inquire about discounts for Debra Silverman Applied Astrology Students


Astrology or Numerology Relationship comparison reports (Synastry)

For 2 people     $250
For both Numerology & Astrology     $300
For additional charts (i.e. family – per chart)     $100

*If part of Heart Dynamix or other 6 or 12-Week packages, each additional chart and comparison $100 (first chart is included)


Wealth Energetix, Heart Dynamix, Divination, Weight Release/Body Image Packages *

6-Sessions – 1 session weekly for 6 weeks     $1,000*
12-Sessions – 1 session weekly for 12 weeks     $1,800*

A special reduced rate is available for a 12-week package. Two 6-week session packages can be combined for the 12-session reduced price when prior agreement is made during, before or after completion of the first 6 sessions.

*Natal chart consultations – along with Numerology & Oracular Divination – are bundled and included with each 6 or 12-Week package if desired.

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