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Wealth Energetix, Heart Dynamix, Divination Packages*

A special reduced rate is available for a 12 week package.  Two 6-week session packages can be combined for the 12 session reduced price when prior agreement is made during, before  or after completion of the first 6 sessions.


Weight Release/Body Image Package*

Additional single sessions (appointments) are available after completion of a package


Individual Appointments or Consultations

Discover the Beauty Within & Personal Path Conversations

*Natal chart consultations – along with Divination – are bundled and included with each package if desired.   Additional charts (progressions/transits), Numerology or relationship comparison are discounted with packages.

Astrology or Numerology Natal Report Consultation and Analysis

60 to 90 Minute appointment – $125; $150 for both

Astrology or Numerology Relationship comparison reports (for 2 people)

60-90 Minute appointments – $200; $250 for both


If part of Heart Dynamix or other package, each additional chart and comparison $100 (first chart is included)

Ask about family packages.


6-Month Astrology Progression & Transit Report Consultation (current influences) - $50


12-Month Astrology Progression & Transit Report Consultation (current influences) - $80


Perfect Gift for New Born:  Baby or Child Birth Chart for Parents - $150

Includes Numerology “What’s in the name” and Natal Astrology Charts


Please submit any questions on the Contact page.

Schedules and payment terms should be arranged before you use the payment button.

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